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ProData Mobiles - version history

Last version: 1.44. Last updated: 8 July 2008

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  • Added 20 new mobile phones


  • Fixed all "body type" and "internal anthenna" fields
  • Added 37 new mobile phones


  • Added about 400 new phone models
  • Added field "Photo in the database". For more information see ProData Mobiles: Images
  • Many Siemens and Benq-Siemens models were renamed to Benq (just as at the manufacturer's homepage)
  • New field - "wcdma2100"
  • Added new fields - "second camera" and "video call"
  • T-Flash now called "microSD"
  • Added new field - "User agent". While using this field - understand that the version of browser in user-agent may vary on different phone firmwares


  • Added 50 new phone models


  • Added 40 new phone models


  • Added 20 new phone models


  • Added 111 new phone models
  • Added great amount of phones sold in the USA
  • "GSM 850", "CDMA 800", "CDMA 1900" fields added
  • New field added "Ringtones format" which will contain the format of the ringtones supported.
  • "Case type" filed was filled for all phones (no more blanks)
  • No more "256 k" in colors field (using "262 k" instead)
  • "USB" filed can now contain "miniUSB" value


  • Added 58 new phone models
  • "video" field separated into 2 fields: "video_rec" and "video_play"
  • New case type "pen" added
  • The "miniSD" slot is called so in all models (no more "Mini SD", "mini-sd", etc.). The same is for "T-Flash"


  • Added 59 new phone models
  • Fields "EDGE", "HSCSD" can now contain class number
  • Fields "MMS", "USB", "IR" can now contain supported version number
  • New field "Product homepage URL" added. The link to the official URL is stored there. (Not for all models yet)


  • New brands added: "BlackBerry", "Benefon"
  • Added 23 new phone models


  • Field "phonebook records" was modified. Now some records are in "AAAxBB" format. This means that phonebook has AAA records with BB fields for each
  • New field "3D Sound" added.
  • New field "CPU"
  • Field "Voice commands" changed - now it can contain more details. "dial" means "voice dial", "control" means "voice commands"
  • Field "EMS" can now contain version of EMS supported. For example "4.0" or "5.0"
  • Lines number on the display moved to "size" field (no more lines in the "resolution" field)
  • Phones of a new brand "Haier" added
  • Added 365 new phone models
  • Many other updates, fixes


  • Phones added:
    • Alcatel: OT 155, OT 156, OT 565, OT E157, OT E158, OT S850
    • NEC: c616v, e238, e313, e540, n100, n109, n110, n200, n331i, n343i, n411i, n600, n610, n620, n820, n900iG, n930
    • Panasonic: P341i, X60, X68, X77
    • Siemens: C61, C75, CF75, CL55, CL75, CX75, S75, SL75, SP65, SX66, SXG75
    • SonyEricsson: D750, J210, K608, S600, V600, W600, Z520
    • Motorola: A668, A768, A768i, A840, C289, E680i, E895, MPx100, V176, V226, V230, V270, V280, V557, V560, V872, V975, V1050, V1150, V55

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